If Your Dog Has Dry, Itchy Skin

If Your Dog Has Dry, Itchy Skin Also known as Acute Moist Dermatitis or Moist Eczema , Hot Spots can seemingly appear spontaneously anywhere on a dogs body and the area involved can rapidly spread. This raw, unsightly skin disorder has a variety of causes but the most consistent factor is a bacterial infection. There are a … Read more


 Dear Homeowner,     You’re ready to have your wall to wall carpeting professionally cleaned and want to get the best job for the best price, right? You may have received a coupon in a Val Pak or via direct mail, advertising  $6.95 per room! What a great deal, huh?  How can they afford to charge … Read more


We have provided, for your convenience, a basic ‘do it yourself’ guide for the treatment and removal of some of the more common spills.  Prompt action may keep that ‘spill’ from turning into a ‘stain’. While we encourage all of our valued clients to phone us when in doubt, the following will serve as a … Read more


  Ooops! So, your furry companion has mistaken your floor covering for a toilet, eh? It’s starting to smell terrible, to say nothing of the health factor (bacteria!), and you Have decided to have your carpets professionally cleaned by Callahan.  A good decision!    However, we need to present you with some facts prior to proceeding! … Read more

Dear Oriental/Area Rug Owner,

Dear Oriental/Area Rug Owner Thank you for the opportunity to clean your fine rugs. Please keep in mind that the cleaning of rug fringe is an intricate process. Fringes are susceptible to a degree of deterioration with normal use over a period of time, due to their fiber content, loose or low twist, and open … Read more

Pet Odors and Stink on Carpets in Beaufort sc.

Pet Odors and Stink on Carpets When you live in an area with high heat and humidity for all or part of the year it becomes important to maintain carpeting or fabrics that can mildew or retain odors. This becomes especially problematic when pets are involved as they shed, leave “deposits” and add to the … Read more

Factors in Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Factors in Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaning Company If you have never had your carpet cleaned or you are looking to switch to another carpet cleaner, then you may want to choose a company that will have your carpets dried fast. Many people could care less on how soon their carpet will dry as long … Read more

Pet Urine and Carpets in Beaufort sc

Pet Urine and Carpets Right now, at this very moment there is a pet peeing on a carpet somewhere in America, possibly even Beaumont. Nothing degrades a carpet or causes odors quite like pet urine. In order keep the carpet from retaining odor and uric acid, the urine needs to removed properly, either by using … Read more

Stains, as well as vacuums and organic cleaners Beaufort sc

stains, as well as vacuums and organic cleaners. When combined the right way, no matter how bad the stain in question is they come out with ease. This is a big relief to any homeowner that would otherwise be facing a recarpeting scenario, and can also mean a major savings in cash down the road. … Read more

Pet Pee Stains Removal Beaufort SC.

Pet Pee Stains Removal Beaufort SC. Pet pee stains can be quite a hassle to get out if you are not used to dealing with them as many pet owners can attest, and in some cases things are so bad that professionals may need to be consulted about how to better remove pee stains from … Read more