Dear Oriental/Area Rug Owner,

Dear Oriental/Area Rug Owner

Thank you for the opportunity

to clean your fine rugs. Please keep

in mind that the cleaning of rug

fringe is an intricate process.

Fringes are susceptible to a degree

of deterioration with normal use

over a period of time, due to their

fiber content, loose or low twist,

and open ends.

Fringes require special treatment

during and after cleaning. They are

prone to cellulosic browning because

of their cotton content.  There is

also  a possibility of color change

due to fugitive dyes being absorbed

by the fringe from the wet rug.

There are ways to clean or re-clean

fringes.  The first approach is by

hand, using a mild acid rinse,

coupled with quick drying.

Stronger treatment involves

bleaching.  These procedures have

their own advantages and dis-

advantages.  We will  always do

what is best for your rug.

Eventually, all rug fringes wear

out from normal use

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