Ooops! So, your furry companion has mistaken your floor covering for a toilet, eh?

It’s starting to smell terrible, to say nothing of the health factor (bacteria!), and you

Have decided to have your carpets professionally cleaned by Callahan.  A good decision!    However, we need to present you with some facts prior to proceeding!


If the urination has been frequent, it has most certainly penetrated the fiber back-ing.  In fact, it has most likely invaded the carpet padding, and in more severe cases, the sub floor as well.  General cleaning and deodorizing at this point will accomplish nothing.  In fact, the extraction process and moisture will activate the urine and quite possibly increase the odor.  The proper steps for FULL REMEDIA-TION are quite extensive.  The carpet must be lifted off the tackless; the carpet backing must then be treated/disinfected; the affected padding replaced. The carpet reinstalled, cleaned, and deodorized. In severe cases, the sub floor may have to be treated and sealed.  We can discuss these steps with you and estimate accordingly.  If you would like us to just clean, disinfect, and deodorize the carpet only, we must ask you to please read and sign the following waiver.  Thank you!