Pet Odors and Stink on Carpets in Beaufort sc.

Pet Odors and Stink on Carpets

When you live in an area with high heat and humidity for all or part of the year it becomes important to maintain carpeting or fabrics that can mildew or retain odors. This becomes especially problematic when pets are involved as they shed, leave “deposits” and add to the funk of the carpet. To remove pet odors you have two choices: do it yourself, or call in a professional. There are services in Beaufort that have listings for such services, found at the Chamber of Commerce.If you choose to remove the pet odors yourself you will need an enzyme-activated cleanser along with a wet/dry vacuum and some dry carpet powder.Locate the troubled areas of the carpet and apply the enzyme cleaner. This eats into stains and deposits and literally “lifts them up” out of the carpet. Some of these cleaners use special bacteria to remove the stains and odors.

After the cleaners have set for the prescribed time, use the wet vac setting to suck it all out of the carpet. Inspect the area to make sure it worked and repeat the process if it has not.

Now spread a generous amount of the dry powder all over the carpet. Let in sink in for an hour and return with the vacuum set to the dry setting. Vacuum the entire carpet on the dry setting and then leave the room for at least two hours. Come back and give the room the “sniff” test and check that the odors and unwanted aromas are gone. If they are still present, repeat the dry-cleanser cycle and vacuum again.

Open all the windows while doing this process. After the entire vacuum cycle is done, use an air freshener or spray to return the room to its best smelling option.

Expect the odor removal process to take between a half day and a day.

If you choose, use a service to get the carpets professionally cleaned and the odors removed. As stated earlier, the Beaufort Chamber of Commerce has listings of approved services in the region, ensuring you get the best possible service for your dollar.

Keep your carpets fresh and odor-free and keep your house in perfect shape. It will make you and your pets happy and living in scent-free homes. Call