Pet Urine and Carpets in Beaufort sc

Pet Urine and Carpets

Right now, at this very moment there is a pet peeing on a carpet somewhere in America, possibly even Beaumont. Nothing degrades a carpet or causes odors quite like pet urine. In order keep the carpet from retaining odor and uric acid, the urine needs to removed properly, either by using a professional cleaner or through some home cleaning tips and techniques.If you choose to go the do-it-yourself route, it is important to get at the pet pee as quickly as possible after the pet has the accident on the carpet. If you cannot get to it within 30 minutes of the incident, you will need to peel back the carpet layers to make sure you get the urine out of the carpet from both sides.

Pre-treat the urine stain with a bio-enzyme that actually uses bacteria to get into the carpet and “eat” through the urine. These products are available at industrial supply stores, or in the cleaning sections of most large box-style home supply stores.

Once the stain is treated, use a wet-vac to suck as much of the pee out of the carpet, along with the enzyme treatment. Next, add liquid carpet cleaner to the affected area and let it soak in. Use the wet-vac again to clean and remove all liquid from the stained area.

Let the washed and cleaned area set for at least 24 hours and then check to make sure it is dry and free of odors and stains. Use the dry setting on the vac but sprinkle some dry carpet cleaner to the area first. Now, vacuum up the powder and place the carpet back in the proper location.

If you decide to go with a professional service out of Beaumont, you can find resources through the Internet, yellow pages or the Beaufort Chamber of Commerce. If you have security concerns, use the Chamber’s directory as those businesses have applied to be members of the directory and have gone through the approval process.

Keep your carpets clean, your pets safe, and the house hold happy down in Beaufort. Your pets and carpet will thank you.  In Beaufort Call  CALLAHAN  CARPET CLEANING